THE Free Hockey Tournament 8/15/15 – Details, Schedule and Bracket Link

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THE Free Hockey Tournament 8/15/15 – Details, Schedule and Bracket Link

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Here are details for Saturday’s tournament.

We will be starting at 11:00 please arrive no later than 10:45 so we can start on time. Games will be 15 minutes with a running clock. Penalties will not result in a power play but rather a penalty shot. Fighting will not be tolerated. If you fight you will be asked to leave. I don’t anticipate having any problem with fighting. Pads that are required are: helmet, gloves, shin and elbow pads.

This will be double elimination, so everyone will get to play a minimum of 2 games. Currently we have 7 teams. I know that a couple teams still need a goalie and I think we need at least one but maybe two individual skaters.

Many of you have asked when the tournament will end. I hope to have it wrapped up by 3:00 pm if we can stay on schedule.

I will be showing up around 9:30 am to set up and make sure the rink is in good condition. If you want to get there early to warm up please do. I request that all captains show up no later than 10:45 so we can have a meeting to discuss any final issues.

Bring both white and dark jerseys so we don’t have a conflict. Ideally I would ask that you have numbers on the jerseys but am not going to require it.

This is a FREE tournament. We are not asking for any money, we just want everyone to have a good time and play some fun hockey. That said we have invested several hundred dollars organizing this event. I will have a “tip jar” if anyone wants to contribute. Again you do not have to contribute, but if you want to you can.
As this is a free event I am not paying refs. Anyone you see reffing is doing it voluntarily. Please be nice to them. I still need volunteers to help with reffing and score keeping to make this tournament run smoothly. If you or any of your teammates can serve in either of these roles while you are not playing, it would be greatly appreciated.

Email me with any questions:

Opening games are scheduled as follows:

11:00 am Slick Mits v. Wolfpack
11:20 am Alton McCoy’s Team v. Fever
11:40 am Lord of the Rinks (Polar Beers) v. BDubs
12:00 noon Matthew Ray’s Team v. winner of the 11:20 am game.

Other games will follow at 12:20 and the match-ups will be determined by results of the earlier games.

Here is a link to the Tournament Bracket

Dodge Park Location Map

Thank you,

Tom T. and Adam B.