Outdoor Roller Hockey League Anyone?

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Outdoor Roller Hockey League Anyone?

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While we were unsuccessful in moving the operation indoors in the near future we are going to fill the vacuum created by the closing of CORH.  This is the announcement that we will be organizing weekly roller hockey leagues.  Here are the details as we know them at this moment.  Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments or email me at ohiorollerhockeycoop@gmail.com.

LocationDodge Park. Usually the park buildings are open to use the bathrooms but not always. There is not access to water unless the buildings are open but we try to keep a cooler stocked with bottled water.  The surface is similar to a tennis court and is hard on indoor wheels.  I will have wheels and bearing for purchase prior to and while the leagues are running.  If you need them, contact me so I can order what you need. I will keep cost as low as I can for these.

Dates and Times: Saturdays with an anticipated start date of June 4, 2016.  Start times as early as 10:30 and as late as 2:00.  Times will be dependent on the number of teams playing.  We may move to additional nights as the weather improves and it stays light later in the evenings.

Rules:  This is up for discussion.  The big issue would be puck or ball, my preference is puck. The other discussion would be around timing and number of periods.  We can do running clock or stopped clock and could do 2 or 3 periods. I would like to leave these decisions up to the captains of the leagues. Otherwise we will follow CORH rules for the most part unless changes are requested/required.

Equipment: Required Equipment: Helmet (HECC certified), hockey gloves, hockey shin pads, inline skates and hockey stick. Optional Equipment: Protective cup, mouthpiece, hip pads, shoulder pads or padded shirt and protective cage or visor.

Fees & Number of Games: League fee would be $400 per team (or $415 if you use PayPal) and would cover referees, score keeping, stat keeping on a league website and 8 games + playoffs for teams that qualify. A deposit of $50 will hold your spot in the league.  This is an outdoor league and we will have to contend with weather. We may have double headers and will schedule a rain date in anticipation of bad weather.

Leagues:  Initially we would like to form 3 leagues and in an effort to align with local hockey practices call them C, D and E.  The general idea is to have C be experienced, D be intermediate and E be novice divisions. At this time we are going to limit the number of teams in each division to 4.  If a division fails to register 4 teams we will open up more spots for other divisions.

Registration: Registration is open now.  We will keep it open until June 3rd or the leagues fill whichever comes first. Each league (C, D and E) will be limited to the first 4 teams to register and pay their deposit ($50.00).  The remainder of the league fee will be due prior to the first week of play (June 4, 2016). Please go to the Team Registration page to sign up.

I am looking for anyone interested in refereeing games. If you have experience or just interest please let me know.  I have refereed and will be able to train those with an interest that are committed.

Any questions you may have please send me an email to ohiorollerhockeycoop@gmail.com.


Pat Byrne

March 25, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Byrne’s Pub would like to be active in this, sponsor, meeting facility etc..
Let me know how we can help.
We will have a team or two.


    Tom T.

    March 25, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Pat, great to hear from you. We will certainly have a spot for you and your team! Email me at ohiorollerhockeycoop@gmail.com


March 25, 2016 at 3:20 pm

Is it lighted? One point of discussion was the post game meet up, Byrnes for us, and a number of teams, was a strong factor for playing. An early evening time, as we have now, would certainly ratchet up attendance to this league? Either way thanks for headlining this endeavor!


    Tom T.

    March 26, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Dodge Park Rink is not lighted, which causes problems this early in the year with it getting dark too early. It will be less of a problem as we get into the summer. Pat Byrne and I have been in contact to work out something with post game gatherings. That is the best part of hockey, right? At this point we are looking at doing leagues on Saturdays to start. This will give us the best chance of not having it get too dark on us. If you wanted to get a team together and request that you play the last game of the day each week I would do my best to accommodate the request. Let me know if you have other questions ohiorollerhockeycoop@gmail.com.