ORH Player Appreciation Night at R Bar

UPDATE: The date has changed to Monday, October 23 at 6:15.

This has been quite a season of outdoor hockey. We have played 2 tournaments (with more to come) and 5 leagues. There have been many hot days and (unfortunately) several rain outs. We have handed out 7 championships (with 2 more season champions to go) and seen lots of new faces as well as some blasts-from-the-past as some CORH veterans joined us.

It is time for ORH to say thank you. The first thank you goes to the players (especially the captains) without which there would be no league. Second thank you goes to all the players who pitched in and helped set up tents, sweep the court, keep score and generally made the league run smoothly. Last and certainly not least, thank you to the referees who have officiated all season and kept games under control.

In addition to this heart-felt internet post, we are hosting a Player Appreciation Night at R Bar!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 18.  Monday, October 23 at 6:15 pm.


WHAT: This will be a night for any and all of the players that have participated in an ORH event this season to come together and enjoy a cold beverage. Look for the Facebook Event and please respond if you will be attending.

There will be hockey equipment and other prizes that will be raffled off to the players in attendance.