Hockey Wrap Around – Protect Your Stick

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Hockey Wrap Around – Protect Your Stick

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As many of you may or may not know we (Tom T. and Adam B.) own the online hockey equipment retailer From time to time we will feature a product that we believe will be beneficial to out hockey league members.

I had been using old, worn out sticks during ORH play. It was not ideal but I refused to ruin my newer $100+ ice sticks. This is my solution for our upcoming season. The Hockey Wrap Around allows you to use your favorite ice hockey stick off the ice without fear of damaging the blade. For the first time transitioning from off-ice to on and vice versa is possible.

Retail cost is $29.99 with a pre-order sale price of $24.99. Local orders will be delivered in person or can be picked up at the Dodge Park rink during league or tournament play. 

The Wrap Around One is made of steel and is very durable, but adds weight to the end of your stick. It is also not recommended you use this version if you are taking slap shots. Ideal for training, maybe not ideal for league play.


Wrap Around Ice boasts that it gives you the feel of playing on ice while training on almost any surface. It is both light (39 grams) and durable. And the most key point is that it is described as ‘slap shot ready.’ 

Here are a couple videos demonstrating the Hockey Wrap Around ICE: