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Week 7 – End of the Regular Season

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In the final week of play the Byrne Outs made a strong push toward the playoffs. In back-to-back games they found themselves trailing in the 3rd period. In back-to-back games they finished the game with a flurry of goals to close out their season with 2 victories. In game 1, a 4 goal 3rd period toppled a tired (and old) GeriHattricks team. Game 2 saw them trailing to The Plague and in similar fashion had a late scoring outburst to win 6 – 3.

Game three would decide the number 1 seed going into the playoffs. However, key players were missing from the Tuttle Park All-Star team allowing Decapitators to skate to a 7 – 1 victory. The game was much closer than the score but slipped away from the All-Stars in the final frame. Balanced scoring, crisp passing and a tremendous forecheck kept Decapitators ahead the entire game.

The camera man was absent this week, so no pictures, sorry about that. I walked out of the house without the camera. We will capture the playoff action next week.

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

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Next week (August 6) is PLAYOFFS!

9:00: Byrne Outs (4) v. The Plague (5)

10:00: Decapitators v. Winner of 9:00 game

11:00: Tuttle Park All-Stars (2) v. GeriHattricks (3)

12:00: Championship Game

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Looking Back at Week 6 and Ahead to Week 7

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The rain held off but the temperatures soared. It was The Plague’s week to play a twin bill. In their first game they pushed a short handed GeriHattricks team but ultimately fell 6 – 5. Four different players found the back of the net for The Plague while Adam Barnett led the GeriHattricks with 3 goals and 2 assists.

While The Plague rested between games, Decapitators and Byrne Outs faced off in an iron man game, with only 4 skaters a side. A close game was claimed by Decapitators led by Caleb Smith’s 2 goals and 1 assist, in his first game out from behind the goalie mask. Nate Tarr had a point on every Byrne Outs goal collecting a goal and 2 assists.

The last game of the day was not kind to The Plague. A fresh Tuttle Park team kept the score keeper busy with a 14 – 1 victory.

This weeks pictures are from the Decapitators vs. Byrne Outs game:

Nate and Walter Week 6

Nate Tarr turning Water Stepanenko around

Caleb Week 6

Caleb Smith shooting and scoring rather than making saves

Hipwell Week 6

Aaron Hipwell closing down a scoring opportunity by Caleb Smith

Mike Taylor Week 6

Mike Taylor making his ORHC debut

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

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Next weeks schedule (July 30) is as follows:

9:30: Byrne Outs v. GeriHattricks

10:30: The Plague v. Byrne Outs

11:30: Tuttle Park All-Stars v. Decapitators

Tuttle Park and the Decapitators both took care of business in week 6 to set up a head-to-head winner-take-all game where the winner will take the top seed in the playoffs. Decapitators currently hold the tie breaker with a win earlier in the season over the All-Stars 5 – 3.

The GeriHattricks are the only team locked into their playoff spot, win or lose, at the 3 seed.

Byrne Outs have the double header and a single win or 2 overtime losses would give them the 4 seed, while two losses could push them to the 5 seed.

Playoff Schedule will be posted July 31.

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The Leaders Separate themselves in Week 5

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With two weeks left the top teams have separated themselves and set up the ultimate showdown with a head-to-head match up in the season finally.

In game one of the morning Tuttle Park All-Stars claimed victory over the GeriHattricks with the leagues leading goal scorer, Andrew Telfer, in net stopping goals rather than scoring them. Matt Hannon had a hat trick, his second of the season to lead the All-Stars to victory.

After an 11 – 3 victory last week the Decapitators faced off in a rematch with The Plague. The score was lopsided with the Decapitators winning 7 – 0 in a game that was much closer than the score suggested. Evan Brown, the league’s points leader, racked up 3 more goals.

By far the most competitive game of the week saw the GeriHattricks skate the second game of a double header versus the Byrne Outs.  It was a back-and-forth affair that the Byrne Outs led 4 – 2 with six minutes remaining. That was just enough time for the Hattricks to mount a comeback behind goals by Zach Briggs, Cary Smith and the game winning clapper by Parker Furbee with just over a minute left.

Below are the visuals from Week 5, including a video that proves that the more time you give Tom Townsend to think about his shot the better chance he has to miss the net completely. Enjoy:

Scott Morris Week 5

Scott Morris, head up, moving the ball

Brad Week 5

Brad Mehl focused on clearing the zone

Bret Tucker Week 5

Bret Tucker ready to make a breakout pass

Goalie Telfer Week 5

 Andrew Telfer video taping Tom Townsend missing the net, again.

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

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Next weeks schedule (July 23) is as follows:

9:30: The Plague v. GeriHattricks

10:30: Byrne Outs v. Decapitators

11:30: Tuttle Park All-Stars v. The Plague







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Decapitator Domination – Week 4 Recap

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The move to earlier start times and slightly cooler weather made for an enjoyable day of outdoor hockey in downtown Columbus.  Two of this weeks games featured rematches from week one .

The action started with a rematch of the Tuttle Park All-Stars and the Byrne Outs. Week one action saw Tuttle Park score 3 goals early and hold off a late 3rd period attack to secure a 3-2 victory.  This game had a similar start, with the All-Stars jumping to a 4-0 lead.  There would be no chance for late game theatrics in this one as Tuttle Park closed the game strong with a 6-2 victory.

The Decapitators opened their double header matched up against the GeriHattricks. In week one the Decapitators fell to the ‘Hattricks 3-1. They exacted revenge for that loss hanging a 9-1 loss on the GeriHattricks.  Walter Stepanenko’s hattrick led the Decapitator scoring outburst.

Decapitator domination continued in the last game of the day.  Evan Brown of the Decapitators ended the game with 5 points (3 goals, 2 assists) giving him 8 points for the day.  The final was Decapitators 10, The Plague 3. The Plague will get another shot at the Decapitators with an immediate rematch next week.

A strong week pushed the Decapitators to a 4 – 1 record and atop the standings as they hold a head-to-head tie breaker against the Tuttle Park All-Stars.  Those two teams have a show down in the last week of the season.

Action shots from the week are below and all photos from this week are on the Week 4 photo page.  Enjoy.Jones Collage Week 4

Three frame action shot of Ryan Jones, we are getting fancy with the photography

Hannon Week 4

Matt Hannon focused up rink.

Ernie Week 4

Ernie Cox contemplating his next move.

Chaffin Week 4

Brett Chaffin with a nifty juggling act.

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

As always, follow Ohio Roller Hockey on Twitter and join the Facebook group.

Next weeks schedule (July 16) is as follows:

9:30: Tuttle Park All-Stars v. GeriHattricks

10:30: Decapitators v. The Plague

11:30: GeriHattricks v. Byrne Outs

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Traxler Custom Printing

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As a small start up company/organization I feel a commitment, no an obligation to other Ohio grown start-ups.  Traxler Custom Printing supports many Columbus causes and organizations. They produced killer jerseys for our ice hockey teams. Hockey Sweater mock #2 WP Me & Jeff 2

These are just a small example of their work.  While my motive is selfish, I would love for them to be the primary sponsor of our hockey league, I cannot deny that they do great work, and I would use them again for any of my printing needs. If you need jerseys, tee shirt or anything else printed check them out first.  Here is their story:

Traxler Customer Printing is spectacular to work with.  Here is the website.  Let Fritz know that Tom Townsend sent you.  He has been nothing short of spectacular to work with.