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Pacific Rink Ultimate Hockey Bag Campaign on KickStarter

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I’ve never backed a project on KickStarter before. I’ve come close a couple of times, but never clicked the ‘Back This Project’ button.

Now I can say I am the backer of a project.  I am looking forward to having both of these bags in September.  I must admit I am a little nervous backing a project rather than purchasing a product. I will let you know how the whole KickStarter experience goes.  Anyone out there ever back something on KickStarter?  How was your experience? Here is the link to this project if you want in too: Pacific Rink Ultimate Hockey Bag


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Scoring Eruption in Week 3

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In week 3 the temperature stayed hot as the scoring heated up.

In the first match up the goals came early and fast. The Tuttle Park All-Stars had four skaters with hat tricks.  The Plague featured 5 first time skaters and showed signs of life late with a pair of goals.  The overwhelming attack of Tuttle Park carried them to a victory in the first half of their double header.

Byrne Outs faced off against Decapitators in the second tilt of the day. While Byrne Outs debuted new jerseys Decapitators jumped out to a 5 goal lead eventually winning by a 6-2 score.  Andy Burnheimer led the Decapitators with a hat trick while Brett Chaffin extended his goal scoring streak to 3 games, putting up both goals for the Byrne Outs.

The finally pitted the GeriHattrick versus Tuttle Park All-Stars on the second leg of double header.  An early one goal lead for the ‘Hattricks was erased quickly by a second period 6 goal scoring spree that saw a natural hat trick by captain Andrew Telfer.  Late goals by the GeriHattricks made the score look much closer than the game actually was, with a final of 8 – 4.

The sweep of their double header vaulted the Tuttle Park All-Stars into first place in the standings with a 3 – 1 record.

Pictures from Week 3 for your viewing pleasure:

Week 3 Photo 6

Byrne Outs’ goaltender Aaron Hipwell turning aside the Decapitator attack

Week 3 Photo 1

The Plague newcomer Nora Anderson tracks the ball to the boards watched closely by Matthew Connolly

Week 3 Photo 2

Ryan Burbach skates through the challenge by Chris Hand

Week 3 Photo 3

Nick Lane makes a stop as his Tuttle Park All-Star defense clears the ball

Week 3 Photo 4

Walter Stepanenko wheels through the Byrne Outs defense

Your weekly GoPro video courtesy of Andrew Telfer (aka TheNasher61)

We have posted more pictures on or Facebook Group.

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

As always, follow Ohio Roller Hockey on Twitter.

In observance of the 4th of July holiday there are no games scheduled next week. Have a safe and happy holiday and we will see you back at the rink on July 9.

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Week 2 Action

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Everyone came back for week 2!  Sometimes its the small victories that matter.  Two match ups in week two.

First up, Tuttle Park All-Stars v. Decapitators.  A very close game all the way found us with a 3 – 3 tie late in the 3rd period.  After being bottled up the entire game, Evan Brown found some space and buried two goals to capture the game for the Decapitators.

In the second match up Brett Chaffin’s pair of goals led the Byrne Outs past The Plague by the score of 4 – 2.

Here is week 2’s photographic evidence for all the wives and girlfriends that we were actually playing hockey:

Week 2 Photo 1

Andrew Telfer quickly transitioning to offense.

Week 2 Photo 2

Open space for Chad Hammond to make his move.

Week 2 Photo 4

Matthew Connolly looking for a pass as Chad Hammond defends.

Week 2 Photo 5

Brett Chaffin waiting to receive the break-out pass.

Week 2 Photo 6

Trevor DeWoody skating it out of the defensive zone.

And once again Andrew Telfer with this weeks GoPro video:

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

We have posted more pictures on or Facebook Group.

As always, follow Ohio Roller Hockey on Twitter.

Looks like more heat for this weeks games. Make sure you bring water and hydrate during the games. Here is the schedule for the June 25th games:

Game 1 : 10:30 am – Tuttle Park All-Stars v. The Plague

Game 2: 11:30 am – Decapitators v. Byrne Outs

Game 3: 12:30 pm – GeriHattricks v. Tuttle Park All-Stars

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A Hot Start

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After rain pushed back the start of league play we were greeted with 90 degree weather.  To say it was a hot start was no exaggeration.

In the first game of the morning the GeriHattricks and Decapitators battled in a tight match with Ryan Williamson proving to be the difference in goal for the GeriHattricks’ 3 – 1 victory.

Game 2 saw the Tuttle Park All-Star jump out to a 3 – 0 lead. The Byrne Outs came back with back-to-back goals by Nate Tarr and Brett Chaffin to cut the lead to 3 – 2.  Time ran out on the Byrne Outs come back as Nick Lane held off a furious attempt to tie the game in the waning minutes to secure the victory for the Tuttle Park All-Stars.

The final game of the day was the second leg of a GeriHattricks double header versus The Plague.  Both teams were skating short handed and the real winner seemed to be the heat.  Parker Furbee led the ‘Hattricks with a hat trick of his own plus an assist in a 7 – 2 victory. Some of the action captured from The Plague v. GeriHattricks:

Week 1 Photo 3

Adam Barnett admiring his shot

Week 1 Photo 2

Ed Eyble carrying the play into the offensive zone on his way to score

Week 1 Photo 4

Captain Buzz Green congratulating a teammate

Week 1 Photo 5

Tom Townsend in slow-motion with the ball

Week 1 Photo 6

Brian Jack trying not to let the heat win


Here is the GoPro video from week 1 provided by Andrew Telfer

Get all the box scores, stats and standings from this weeks action at our STAT SITE.

We have posted more pictures on or Facebook Group.

As always, follow Ohio Roller Hockey on Twitter.

Weather is looking good for this weeks games.  Here is the schedule for the June 18th games:

Game 1 : 10:30 am – Tuttle Park All-Stars v. Decapitators

Game 2: 11:30 am – Byrne Outs v. The Plague

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Game On!

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Tuesday Update

Weather looks good (fingers crossed) for Saturday’s games.  Here is the schedule:

10:30 :  Decapitators v. GeriHattricks

11:30 :  Byrne Outs v. Tuttle Park All-Stars                     

12:30 :  GeriHattricks v. Plague

It also looks to be a hot one Saturday.  We will have tents for shade but be sure to bring plenty of water to hydrate.

If for some reason the weather changes and you want to know if we have cancelled games check the Facebook Page or Twitter.  I will update it by 9 am if there is a cancellation.